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1. Determine quantity of participants who will participate. Determine when and how to conduct the series. You will find "Scheduling Suggestions & Session Breakdown" on page 17 in your instructors guide.
2. Determine funding source that would fund all participants needs (e.g., guides, supplies, snacks) in your cohort or demographics.
3. Consider this series being a part of a "Health" elective being that it meets Common Core Standards within the health category.
4. Order Instructor and Participant Guides.
5. Review the Instructors Guide however you may get started immediately by reviewing the "Quick Start Instruction" on Page 16 in the "Instructors Guide". It is highly recommend that you find time to review the entire introduction (Pages 4 - 40).
6 Your school may consider scheduling all the sessions as an elective and utilizing its pre-post test and quizzes as a means to determine it effectiveness and learned outcome.  This scheduling may not apply to most community organizations or ministries.
7. It is not mandatory that you utilize all sessions nor sessions in exact sequence. Use sessions based on need and the pervasiveness of teen dating violence and sex trafficking in your demographics or community.For example; You may consider starting with the "Abstinence" session first, next "Profile of a Rapist", after "What is Abuse" finally, " Sex Trafficking" session.

8. Scheduling and determining session selection is essential. For example; some school semesters maybe scheduled within a 12 to 14 week term.
Your instructors guide provides additional scheduling tips for school or organization.
9. It is essential that a "Safety Crisis Plan" be implemented so that if a crisis arise everyone involved will know the proper safety protocol and roles in your school or organization. Review page 30 in your Instructors Guide.
10. Be creative! Consider snacks and other engaging activities.
11. Consider inviting various speakers to speak based on relevant topics or sessions such as; Judges, attorney’s, law enforcement agents, Homeland Security Officers, FBI agents, detective domestic violence advocates, etc.

12. Field trips to a relevant court proceeding, judges chambers, police station, can embark on the reality of what is learnt.

 13. Structuring the girls in groups can be fun. Try utilizing the group activity in your guide located in the appendix.  This activity enables the girls to utilize their leadership skills, work together as a team, take advantage of ones own talents and abilities and have fun presenting selected sessions.
14. Follow along utilizing each sessions lesson plan. Take advantage of the additional activities and applications located in the appendix of the instructors guide.



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