Human Trafficking is REAL and Prevalent

Adolescent girls deserve a safe childhood and protection of their innocents.
Before Serving a Client...

Often, before servicing clients, women and girls are subjected to forced rape by traffickers. Women and girls are generally drugged to prevent them from escaping. Sex trafficked victims can serve up to 30 or more men a day and are vulnerable to physical abuse (e.g., slaps, hit with fist, kicked, choked), sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, and unwanted pregnancy.


• Debt bondage - victims, cannot send money home - they are never able to pay off their debt because the amount owed keeps increasing.
• Isolation - document removal; no one around them speaks their language except for their employer; they are denied access to health care and other sources of assistance.
• Fearful of law enforcement and fail to recognize assistance - victims are told that if they come into contact with law enforcement that it will be worse than what is currently happening to them.
• The threat of exposure - victims feel that they have failed and are ashamed.
• Use threats of violence - victims are afraid of their employer.
• Use and threat of reprisals against loved ones - victims will tolerate abuse to protect a family member.

 Victims of human trafficking general clues to help identify human trafficking in the following situations:

• Escort services or street prostitution
• Stripping (exotic dancing) or pornography
• Massage parlors;
• Sex services threw access Internet or in newspapers;
• Sex services may be conducted in hotels, restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, barber shops or residential cleaning services;
• Childcare or adult care services could be a front of sex traffickers.

Exhibiting signs of victims of human trafficking:

• Victim appears to be controlled;
• Unable to leave home or work with an escort;
• Inability to speak for oneself or share one’s information;
• Someone accompanying the individual provides information.
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