Human Trafficking is REAL and Prevalent

Adolescent girls deserve a safe childhood and protection of their innocents.

Demand fuels sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry.Holding “buyers” of commercial sex accountable reduces sex trafficking. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Canada, Northern Ireland, and Ireland have effectively addressed the demand for commercial sex and sex trafficking by decriminalizing prostituted persons, and criminalizing those who purchase sex.1

As a result, street prostitution and sex trafficking have decreased.Countries that neglect to focus on the demand that fuels sex trafficking, or have legalized the commercial sex industry, have witnessed increased prostitution and greater numbers of trafficked women and girls to fulfill an influx of international sex tourists as well as increased demand locally.12Addressing demand also includes eliminating sex tourism.2 “Sex tourists” are individuals who travel to another country to buy commercial sex or exploit weak legal systems that ignore sexual abuse, especially of girls from poor and marginalized communities. Sex tourists can be both domestic travelers traveling within their own country of residence or they can be international tourists and many of them are situational offenders.

•   16% of men in the U.S. have paid for sex.
•   49.2% of sex buyers in one sample had never discussed their buying of sex with anyone else.

Below identifies the following five reasons men buy sex;

•   Seeking Intimacy
•   Seeking Sex without Intimacy
•   Seeking Variety
•   Thrill-Seeking
•   Pathology

•   Men who were arrested for soliciting prostitutes to a nationally representative sample of men and found:
•   Sex buyers reported higher levels of pornography use, thinking about sex, sexual liberalism, and strip club attendance.

Sex Buying in the Digital World

•   Popular web forum for sex buyers to discuss their experiences with prostitutes. The men:
•   Emphasized paid sexual encounters as being “normal and non deviant” (Meaning conforming to an accepted norm not deviant).
•   Avoided words like “johns” and “trick”
•   Talked about prostituted people as “services or goods rather than human beings”
•   Characteristics of men who use the Internet to buy sexual services. The participants were 584 men who were paying members of

Milrod & Montro (2012) examined characteristics of men who use the Internet to buy sexual services. The participants were 584 men who were paying members of is a website that provides contact information, pricing and services provided for over 75,000 prostituted people, allows sex buyers to leave reviews and provides information on how to meet prostituted individuals and how to avoid getting arrested. It has over one million registered users, 800,000 reviews, and over 250,000 unique users daily.

•   Average age: 49.5 (range: 22-79).
•   Average income: $141,500 (range: $0-300,000).
•   97.3% heterosexual
•   2.7% bisexual
•   66.3% married
•   41.1% had a graduate degree.
•   38% had a college degree.
•   18% had attended some college.
•   2.9% completed high school or a GED.
•   Average age of first contact with a prostitute: 32.2.
•   94.5% had met prostituted people in a hotel or motel.
•   66.3% indicated they had met less than monthly with a prostituted person.
•   24.7% indicated he paid for sex once or twice weekly.
•   45% had been looking for paid sex online for over five years.
 •   72% of respondents indicated they wanted to interact with someone  who “acted like a girlfriend and not like a prostitute”.


1 Swedish Ministry of Justice, English summary of the Evaluation of the ban on purchase of sexual services, 1999-2008, (2 July 2010) pp. 34-5, 37.

2 See e.g., Nomi Levenkron, The Legalization of Prostitution: Myth and Reality, The Hotline for Migrant Workers, 2007, pp. 61-3, 68-9.

Taking prevention measures is one way of assuring possible safety for your teens. Below is provided a list of actions to consider.

1. Invest in the "Let's Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls 14 session series. This series educates and provides helpful applications regarding all forms of domestic violence and human/sex trafficking prevention.

2. Consider taking self-defense classes

3. Regardless of where you go consider taking a friend or love one. More options are available in the series above.

“The Let’s Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls” provides 14 incredible sessions of engaging guided topics, interactive applications, evidence-based content along with relevant randomized Q & A’s and scenario's and extraordinary creative design that addresses;

• Preventative safeguards and insight for teen girls from the insidious lures and malicious traps of human trafficking.
• Female adolescents can learn to identify and recognize forms of abuse, the cycles of abuse, how to identify abusive behaviors and how to prevent becoming a victim of abuse before it happens. In addition,
• This extraordinary series helps teens how to recognize profiles of a stalker patterns and profile indicators of a rapist and much, much, more.
Teen girls will also learn the importance of;

This series also encourages teen girls to consider disregard of dating and sustaining from sexual  conduct or intimate behaviors until an appropriate age and maturity level along with taking a look at some of the emotional and physical consequences resulting from intimate relationships.

In addition, this series offers fun filled, empowering applications with the intent to build self-esteem and positive self-image. Along with developing social-emotional learning skills that enables teen girls to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life, make mature decisions and focus on personal interest and high academic performance.

The series requires no formal experience. Allow the guide to do all the work for you! Adding your own opinions based on professional or personal experience as it relates to each topic is always helpful and encouraged.

However, the guides process of instruction is to help initiate a flow of discussions either lead by participant/s, groups of girls or by the instructor (you). Each segment gives details and evident-base facts associated with each topics eliminating any guess work enabling trusting relationships while enjoying a bonding experience.


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