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Let's Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence, and Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls (LTAB) is an incredibly creative and engaging gender-specific curriculum designed for teen girls ages 12 to 18.

This user-friendly, 14 session series also includes social-emotional learning applications with life skill components that assist teens in developing the ability to enforce self-regulated, positive behaviors that enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This series is great for in-school or after-school programs, community organization programs, home-based activity, faith-based or mentoring programs.

The curriculum objective is to provide instructional strategies and examples. These examples include learned experiences through various scenarios that impact and promote positive behavioral outcomes among youth and address health determinants, social factors, attitudes, values, social norms, and skills that influence negative consequences. This series's unique guided set of instructions provides an approach that easily enables adults and teens to discuss sensitive topics.

The series requires no teaching experience. Allow the guide to do all the work for you! Adding your own opinion based on professional or personal knowledge related to each topic is always helpful and encouraged. However, the guide's instruction process helps initiate a flow of discussions either lead by participants, groups of girls, or by the instructor (you). Each segment gives details and evident-base facts associated with each topic eliminating any guesswork. Additional benefits and features:

Builds Self Esteem, Promotes Positive Self Image & Worth: Each segment of this guide provides empowering applications that build self-esteem, respect for self-image, and worth regardless of culture, demographics, and life's challenges.

Encourages Abstinence: This series provides content that initiates engaging, thought-provoking discussions directed towards teen girls to consider disregarding dating and encourages abstinence. Also, participants take a look at some of the emotional and physical consequences resulting from intimate relationships.

Avoid Abuse Before it Happens: Participants will successfully learn to identify supportive relationships in comparison to abusive relationships. And remember to avoid abuse even before it happens, how to identify and recognize predator traps, avoid peer pressures that can lead to bad judgments, and practice restraint from indulging in radical and harmful behaviors.

Protects from Sex Trafficking Lures AND MORE! PROTECTS AGAINST SEX TRAFFICKING TRAPS: Also, this series provides critical applications that educate and address typical lures associated with human trafficking (specifically sex trafficking). Also provides tips on how to discern and recognize characteristics associated with malicious intent and provides suggested safety tips and resources.​

In addition, this series also includes content adapted from empirical data and recent statistics that address the global upsurge of domestic violence's pervasiveness, particularly teen dating violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking pandemic.




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