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Unfortunately teen girls are subjected at a higher rate (than any other population of people) to teen dating violence and sex trafficking.  There is no amount of money that can compensate for these brutal acts against teen girls. However, funding to assist in anyway can help. 

Faith Beyond Abuse Global Initiative for Women and Girls Organization is a non-profit, 501c3 established, domestic violence advocate provides online connecting resources and financial assistance to victims of abuse.

10% of any purchase of any product that we offer is contributed to a funding source to assist in anyway we can. This includes providing teen girls who have been victimized due to teen dating violence or human trafficking a one time grant (when available) of the following gift certificate sources;

• Up to $100.00 towards transportation cost to counseling sessions

• One free Let's Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls guide.

• Up to $150.00 support cost to file police protection orders

• Up to $200.00 assistance for educational cost for missed or failed classes (summer classes fees)

• Up to $100.00 toward damaged school books

• Up to $100.00 assistance for destroyed identification by predator

• Up to 200.00 assistance for a visa. Learn more about applying for visas.

• Up to $100.00 clothing allowance destroyed by abuser

• Up to $100.00 towards cosmetics for victims who have facial scaring due to abuse.

How to Qualify for Gift Certificates

Contact us prior to applying for help. This is to assure that we have the funding available for you. Click here.

Please submit your Faith Beyond Abuse Funding Request Application info within 45 days after the alleged assault.

It is required that you submit a filed current (no less than 45 days) police report of alleged assault against victim, proof of emergency or hospitalized documents, etc.

• Provide photos of any physical abuses and facial scaring. Please no nude photos.

• Provide proof of registration to a counseling or therapy service

• Complete the Faith Beyond Abuse Funding Request Application

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